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Senior Software Developer
Toronto, ON, Canada



Downtime sucks. OpsLevel wants to make the Internet better by helping companies build more reliable and secure software. We’re building a Service Ownership Platform - starting with a Microservice Catalog - to make it easier for engineering teams to own and operate software in production. We’re on a mission to take back DevOps: its roots were in Service Ownership and we want to bring it back there again. 


We're an early stage startup based in Toronto, Canada. We're an experienced team of ex-Amazon, ex-Shopify, and ex-PagerDuty folks. We have paying customers and just closed our seed round with fantastic Silicon Valley investors.

Our users' experience is paramount, so we relentlessly focus on all aspects of UX, from our UI to our APIs. As developers, we also take great care with code quality, maintainability, and scalability.

Work/life balance is a priority for us. We have family, friends, and hobbies that we want to attend to at the end of the day (and we suspect you do too). Elon Musk can keep his 100 hour weeks. We're happy to grow fast at 40 hours per week.

We care a lot about culture. Here are our values:

  • Empathy: Think of others; think of your users
  • Growth Mindset: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Intellectual Honesty: The best solution is more important than anyone's ego
  • Focus & Efficiency: Keep the main thing the main thing
  • Simplicity


Position Overview

You'll be working as a senior software developer on our core product and reporting directly to the CTO. OpsLevel integrates with various operational tools and we've got a meaty roadmap ahead of us and new integrations to build. Here are some sample technologies you could be integrating our product with:

  • Container orchestrators like Kubernetes and Consul
  • Services meshes like Istio / Envoy
  • Metrics tools like DataDog, Grafana, and Prometheus.

Your day to day will be writing software, but you'll ultimately touch various aspects of the business: talking to customers, defining new features, and then actually implementing those features end to end. We work in an agile way with minimal process / structure, so you should be good at working independently and getting stuff done.


You have a track record of making good engineering decisions. You improve those around you. You care about code quality and maintainability, but know when to tradeoff technical debt vs. building for the long term.

Here are some of the technologies we use:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Vue.js
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • GraphQL
  • ElasticSearch
  • Terraform
  • AWS / GCP
  • Git

It's not a requirement that you've used them before, but you should be comfortable with getting up to speed quickly.

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