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Developer Relations
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Downtime sucks. OpsLevel wants to make the Internet better by helping companies build more reliable and secure software. We’re building a Service Ownership Platform - starting with a Microservice Catalog - to make it easier for engineering teams to own and operate software in production. We’re on a mission to take back DevOps: its roots were in Service Ownership and we want to bring it back there again. 


We're an early stage startup based in Toronto, Canada. We're an experienced team of ex-PagerDuty, ex-Amazon, and ex-Shopify folks. We have paying customers and have solid seed funding from fantastic Silicon Valley investors.

We’re building a technical product, but our user experience is still paramount. We treat our customers really well and in turn we learn a ton from them.

Work/life balance is a priority for us. We have family, friends, and hobbies that we want to attend to at the end of the day (and we suspect you do too). 

We care a lot about culture. Here are our values:

Empathy: Think of others; think of your users

Growth Mindset: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Intellectual Honesty: The best solution is more important than anyone's ego

Focus & Efficiency: Keep the main thing the main thing


Position Overview

We’re a growing startup in the DevOps / SRE space, and we’re looking for someone who’s passionate about teaching others how to solve real-world technical problems. 

As we’re still an early-stage company, this position will cover a lot of ground, so you should be comfortable wearing multiple hats in a customer-facing capacity: you’ll often be working directly with customers one-on-one, but will also be interacting with and educating the broader tech community as a whole. In many ways you will act as the face of the company with our customers and community.

You’ll be digging in on the technical side and working with OpsLevel customers at all stages: during initial sales conversations, during customer onboarding, and throughout the customer lifecycle. You’ll be helping customers integrate and roll out OpsLevel at their organization and advocate for their long-term success.

You’ll also work to create broader educational and training materials that we can use to explain how our product works, and you’ll occasionally be in the spotlight though speaking engagements, writing blog posts, and general involvement with the DevOps/SRE communities.


You’ll be an expert user of OpsLevel, and as such your responsibilities will involve helping our customers become experts in OpsLevel as well - as well as increasing general awareness of OpsLevel in the market.

A. Engineering:

  • Sales & Support: Fielding technical questions from customers & prospects, and creating compelling documentation and/or playbooks for common requests.
  • Product: You’ll gain a lot of valuable first-hand knowledge of our product offering, its limitations, and how it is perceived and being used by our customers. As such, you’ll bring these valuable insights back to the product team and communicate how OpsLevel might be enhanced to better serve our customers during product roadmap discussions.
  • Customer Success: Helping customers onboard onto the OpsLevel platform. Some example responsibilities:
  • > Hosting webinars and tutorials to educate users on OpsLevel.
  • > Building integrations for a variety of developer tools.
  • > Writing example code snippets and small open-source libraries in a variety of languages.
  • > Helping customers translate their production readiness checklists into OpsLevel checks and checklists.

B. Developer Relations

  • Documentation: Writing high-quality developer documentation, tutorials and examples for new features and integrations.
  • Content Creation / Curation: Writing and curating high-quality, interesting content for our customer demographic via our blog and our newsletter. Might involve both written and video work.
  • Community: Outreach to the DevOps and SRE communities by contributing to the company’s social media presence and our public Slack.
  • Talks/Presentations: Gaining personal industry recognition and credibility, and boosting our brand through talks at conferences or hosting meetups.
  • Open source: Contributing to open-source libraries and integrations with OpsLevel.

Required Experience:

  • You have a depth of technical experience to draw on: you have worked as a software engineer or infrastructure engineer in the past (w/ bonus points for having operational responsibility or being involved in SRE)
  • Have been exposed to building or supporting service-oriented or microservices architectures in the past, and have strong opinions on such things.
  • Have previously worked in a customer-facing capacity (either working with customers 1:1 or educating them via documentation and talks) and is passionate about it.
  • Have examples of previous speaking engagements, presentations, and/or blog posts to share.


This role is in a brand new function at the company, and we all have a lot to learn. We’re looking for an agile person who can learn fast, change tack quickly, and be able to manage various priorities simultaneously. They’ll also need to ramp up quickly to understand our customers and our space in a lot of depth.

An ideal candidate is:

  • An excellent communicator (both written and verbal)
  • Empathetic - with DevOps/SRE practitioners 
  • Quick on their feet
  • A voracious learner
  • Flexible and scrappy
  • Someone who would enjoy occasional travel, once the world becomes normal again

Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!